Dune Scenario: The Ixian Jihad

(from HEROES Vol.1 No.1)

  1. At-start: 20 spice, 20 tokens off-board
  2. Leaders & values:
    2nd Lieutenant-1
    1st Lieutenant-1
  3. Free Revival: 2 tokens
  4. Advantages: You control production & distribution of illegal machines:
    1. Your tokens move 2 spaces per turn.
    2. At the start of each spice collection round, you automatically receive 10 spice per turn in addition to any spice you would normally receive, CHOAM charity included.
  5. Disadvantage: YOU MUST ALWAYS MOVE FIRST.
  6. Optional Advantage:
    1. In the revival round, all Ixian leaders sent to the tanke are revived for free (MY note: Perhaps this needs to be modified if using the Bene Tleilaxu variant from THE GENERAL v18, #5)
  7. Karama powers:
    1. When played by Ixian player, all Ixian tokens fight at full strength whether or not they are supplied by spice. If also supplied by spice each token counts as 1½ for combat (4 tokens counts 6)
    2. When played against Ixian player, it destroys all spice he owns.
  8. Alliances:
    1. Allies can take advantage of Ixian movement and spice bonuses.