(last updated January 20, 2012)

Here's a few things related to the Dune game by Avalon Hill. It's been a long time since Avalon Hill last printed the game, and it seems unlikely that Hasbro (who bought AH) ever will.

I've been running into some people who are missing pieces, and to be nice to them I've decided to put online some files I've found or made myself. If you're looking for something that isn't here, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Many thanks to Tony Barber who scanned in the pictures from the French game which I've put on this site.

Dune RulesDune Rules
in .PDF format
Dune BoardDune Board (1188x1178 Jpeg)
Spice CardsSpice Cards
(150 dpi)
Player Aid PadPlayer Aid Pad
in .PDF format
Treachery CardsTreachery Cards
(150 dpi)
Leader DisksLeader Disks including French versions (150 dpi)
Player ShieldsPlayer Shields
English text with French graphics plus blank shield.
Spice Harvest RulesSpice Harvest Rules
in .PDF format
The Duel Rules8½"x11" .PDF file

I also have some articles about rules variants online:

Here are some other sites you should visit if you're interested in Avalon Hill's Dune

  • Yahoo Dune Club - An active group where you can discuss the rules, or get involved in a Play By E-Mail (PBEM) game.

  • Boycat's Variant Factions - Boycat's ideas for incorporating Ix, Landsraad and Tleilaxu into the game as well as links to other variants. Interesting ideas and some nice graphics (stole some from here).

Dune PBEM - Rules and Such

I was involved in a Dune PBEM game that was run by Brad Johnson on the Yahoo Dune Club.

Here are some files that Brad Johnson created which we used to play this game (and others have used in other PBEM games):

If you're interested, I have a record of all the turns that took place in this game.

If you're interested in purchasing a copy of Dune, I have some suggestions:

  • eBay - There are often people selling used copies of the game.
  • In Addition to the Avalon Hill versions, Descartes published the game in French which includes both expansions: Spice Harvest and The Duel. If the copy you buy doesn't have the rules in English, just download them from this page.

If you find any of this information useful or have any other comments, let me know.