(last updated January 20, 2012)

E mpire Builder is a game from Mayfair Games that I think is a lot of fun. Actually, I like the other train games from them as well (Iron Dragon, EuroRails etc.), but Empire Builder is the only one I own. How can anyone not like these games? You get to draw on the game board with crayons!

About the only problem that this game has is that it only has one set of manuals, but then again what game comes with more than one set? To solve this, I made a .PDF file of the manuals - not in the original format but on 8½" x 11" paper to make it easy to print out. Click on the train to download it.

.pdf file of the Empire Builder Rules

Sometimes while playing you run out of time. The manual explicitly tells you to always clean the board immediately after play, but if you'd like to continue with the same game, what do you do? To solve this problem I scanned in the map, cleaned it up, and scaled it down. I think it prints out quite nicely, and lets you note what happened so far in the game.

Empire Builder Map

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I did get an email from Mayfair Games asking if they could use this PDF that I made. It is now available on their website as well.