Colin's Game Pages

Dune by Avalon Hill DUNE Page
(last updated January 20, 2012)
The board game by Avalon Hill. It's been out of print for a long time, so I decided to put up some resources to help people who've bought used games that are missing things (like the copy I bought was).

Empire Builder by Maifair Games Empire Builder Page
(last updated January 20, 2012)
A train game by Mayfair Games.

Gamma World Gamma World Page
(last updated March 25, 2000)
An old roll playing game by TSR that I collect. Not much here, but maybe I'll add some more in the future.

Infocom Games Infocom Page
(last updated January 20, 2012)
The greatest computer game company from the days of text-only games

Mahjongg Calculator Mahjongg Calculator
(last updated January 20, 2012)
My friends and I have been playing Mahjongg, and have found that calculating our relative scores is a bit of a pain, so I made this JavaScript Mahjongg calculator. It's not perfect, I still plan on working on it some more, but here it is.

RoboRally RoboRally Page
(last updated January 20, 2012)
A great board game put out by Wizards of the Coast. My friends and I play this quite a bit, and have been making our own boards and option cards.

Colin Patrick